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Naöh, "Nulle part"

Posted on: Monday, August 1, 2022

“I like the supports where the work of time leaves traces of wear to tame…”

NAÖH began painting in 2008, expressive faces, then became passionate about birds. She brings them to life with her very identifiable street artistic paw. Sometimes female, sometimes male, plumages are always very neat. Often coquet(te)s, they wear a lot of accessories.

The Artist and «his» birds are inseparable, systematically accompanied by a saturation of his name of Artist inspired by a famous chemical formula hence this enigmatic name.

Indefatigable graffiti artist, his urban works are found as he wanders through certain streets of Orléans.

Dates & Times

Friday, August 26 : 6pm - 10.30pm
Saturday, August 27 : 3:30pm - 10.30pm
Sunday, August 28 : 3.30pm - 7pm


2 Rue d'Alibert, 45000 Orléans 

Free entry