monsieur mollotov
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Monsieur Mollotov, "Évolution"

Posted on: Monday, August 1, 2022

"Fear of failure must not be a barrier. We learn from our mistakes, the whole point is to get up. Our mistakes and the results make us better people.”

MONSIEUR MOLLOTOV begins with the drawing, with portraits in black and white. The color will complete his art later. This devouring passion that will later sound like evidence. The Artist is very influenced by the work of «Caravaggio» «George de la Tour» and the world of graffiti and street art from which he is inspired.

The Artist evolved his technique over the years. His style became established and recognizable. He expresses himself through the gradations, the volume with the airbrush, the finishes and retouches with the marker and the explosions of colors, all interwoven to give relief and power to his works.

For the Artist, Art is a loophole, a way of living, of communicating. Moments when time stops, a bubble in which the impossible does not exist, where creativity has no limits…

Dates & Times

Friday, August 12 : 6pm - 10.30pm 
Saturday, August 13 : 3.30pm - 10.30pm 
Sunday, August 14 : 3.30pm - 7pm
Monday, August 15 : 3.30pm - 7pm


2 Rue d'Alibert, 45000 Orléans 

Free entry