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Gil KD, "Les filles du vent"

Posted on: Thursday, September 1, 2022

Whether on the chassis or on the street, his creations are resolutely optimistic and positive. Sensual and passionate «women of the world» who raise the power of the feminine.

GIL KD is an Artist born in Tours… As a child, she was raised by a grandfather artist. Very early on, she drew and used everything that could allow her to create.

“The girls of the wind are sensual and poetic women, free and colorful geishas who challenge passers-by at the turn of the streets, a break in the whirlwind of our daily life, a smile, an exchange, like a little lightness before going back on the road…” explains GIL KD. 

In parallel to her street works, she draws women on aluminium. The Artist dress them in colors, torn posters, fabrics.

Dates & Times

Saturday, September 24 : 3.30pm - 7.30pm
Sunday, September 25 : 3.30pm - 7pm


2 Rue d'Alibert, 45000 Orléans 

Free entry