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Christophe Joseph, "The Face"

Posted on: Friday, July 1, 2022

Meeting with a Neo Pop Artist with an overflowing imagination.

CHRISTOPHE JOSEPH feeds on multiple influences and defines himself as a Neo Pop Artist in the line of Robert Mars. Interested by Art in all these fields, the innovation of the digital Art, the photographic creation, it is quite naturally that it moves towards its field of preference the Digital Art.

The artist has an overflowing imagination. His work is a veritable deluge of atoms and digital colors in which American, English and French icons and pop culture references are sifted.

Since 2020 he is a Digital Artist, independent creator and director of his own works. He likes to work on materials such as glass, plexi, aluminum to accentuate the nuances of color and transparency effects.

Dates & Times

Thursday July 14th : 3.30pm - 10.30pm
Friday July 15th : 6pm - 10.30pm
Saturday July 16th : 3.30pm - 10.30pm
Sunday July 17th : 3:30 pm - 7.00pm


2 Rue d'Alibert, 45000 Orléans 

Free entrance