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Anto Filsdepop x Cédric Thérin, "Calvifornia"

Posted on: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Far from the clichés of the Isle of Beauty, but respectful of traditions and history, the 2 artists express their modern visions of Corsica and Calvi through images encompassing their sources of common inspiration.

ANTO FILS DE POP was born in the 1970s. This quirky multidisciplinary artist stands out in the world of Corsican Pop Art and Storytelling.
In his paintings, the Artist claims his freedom, his heart-stoppers and blows of mouth. A true signature in the world of Pop Art whose fame far exceeds the island of beauty.

CÉDRIC THERIN is a Photographer Artist based in Calvi at the foot of the Corsican mountains. Passionately seduced by light, the Artist begins in photography and video by browsing, among other things, many mountain expeditions.
With a particular style in fashion and illustration, his original and modern talent have allowed him to be published in many magazines around the world.

An exhibition in partnership with the Association Amicale des Corses et Amis de la Corse du Loiret.

Dates & Times

Friday, February 3 : 2.30pm - 8pm
Saturday, February 4 : 2.30pm - 8pm
Sunday, February 5 : 2.30pm - 7pm


2 Rue d'Alibert, 45000 Orléans 

Free entry